Suzi Quatro

The Queen of Rock n' Roll is back!

22.05.20 20:00

Beaufort, L (ABGESAGT), Château de Beaufort

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Suzi Quatro is an icon - the first female bass player to become an international rock star with hits like "Stumblin 'in," "Can The Can," "If You Can't Give Me Love," "48 Crash" and "She's in Love With You". Now on Friday, May 22, 2020, she is going to visit Castle Beaufort for a concert with her sextet and latest album "No Control." On it, you can hear her voice once again loud and dirty as it should be in rock 'n' roll while on the cover, Suzi poses with her famous bass in hand and, of course, full leather attire. Her live program "The Queen of Rock n 'Roll is back" is comprised of two hours full of hits from her entire career, which spans more than 40 years.

Suzi Quatro was one of the most successful rock musicians in the 1970s. Over the years, her self-confident manner encouraged countless women to pick up an instrument or microphone and start a band. Chrissie Hynde, inspired by Quatro, decided to start the Pretenders. Tina Weymouth learned to play the bass using Suzi Quatro records before she started Talking Heads. Joan Jett emphasized how inspiring Suzi Quatro was for her.

In the early 1970s, British producer Mickie Most, a British Dieter Bohlen of sorts, brought her to England to tailor a solo career for her. Then everything happened very quickly: With "Can The Can," Suzi Quatro topped the British charts. Thanks to her simple rock 'n' roll, sex appeal in skimpy leather trimmings, high boots and a bass guitar envied by many of her contemporaries, she struck a nerve.

Next, "48 Crash" and "Daytona Demon" hit the charts, and "Devil Gate Drive" was another huge number one hit. Snottiness paired with groove were Quatro's success formula, which now also worked in Germany, soon resulting in features in teen zine Bravo and its Golden Bravo Otto Award. Her cover version of Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up" even lead to a personal invitation to Graceland, but Suzie was still too inexperienced and nervous to meet her great idol. Therefore, she simply refused, a decision that she regrets to this day. However, she celebrated her greatest success in 1978 with "Stumblin 'In," recorded together with Smokie singer Chris Norman. The world lay at her feet and the number entered the charts all over the world.

To date, Suzi Quatro has sold more than 50 million records worldwide and is still doing well. Currently, there are no plans to withdraw. "When I turn my back on my audience, shake my ass and fall silent, I'll stop."

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