Procol Harum

16.05.20 20:00

Beaufort, L (ABGESAGT), Château de Beaufort

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Who does not know the organ intro of 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale'? Played on the radio in 1968, released as a single due to much demand and by now sold more than six million times … Procol Harum wrote rock history right at the beginning of their career and quickly gained fame for being an excellent live band with their distinct brand of blues. The band, fronted by singer Gary Brooker, had already had other projects before they found together in the late 1960s. They were still called Pinewoods when they recorded 'A Whiter Shale of Pale' and re-named the group prior to the release. After the success of this debut, more material followed suit and was received with great interest, a unique blend of of blues with classical influences. In 1977 however, Procol Harum disbanded, only to return in 1991 when Gary Brooker brought the band together again. Now they continue to tour the world as a successful live act. Even after more than half a century, Procol Harum keep proving with joy that they are the epitome of rock music with body and soul. Experience a piece of music history through another of their famed live performances!

20:00 Uhr
Beaufort, L (...
Château de Beaufort

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