Ric Lee´s Natural Born Swingers

The Blues, music born around the turn of the 20th century among poor black sharecroppers in the American rural south, somehow resonated with British teenagers in the 1960s and became British blues, or blues-rock.

One of the foremost groups to play this new music was Ten Years After, who were part of the British Blues Invasion that took America by storm over the next decade. Ten Years After appeared at the legendary Woodstock Festival and had many hits in the succeeding years.

Now Ric Lee, the original drummer with Ten Years After and pianist Bob Hall, a founder member of Savoy Brown, another legendary British Blues Invasion band, are recreating the exciting sounds of those halcyon days with a new band, Ric Lee’s Blues Project.

Their explosive blend of early Ten Years After swing and shuffle favourites, British blues hits and original material is stirring fond memories among Ten Years After fans, blues fans and many new friends among the younger generation. A new album featuring appearances by special guest artists will be launched in 2011.

Review Rock & Blues Festival Skegness, 28-30 January 2011:
Now this was something special, the Ric Lee Blues Project added a touch of class to the preceedings. Having a breather from his duties in Ten Years After, drummer Ric Lee assembled a stellar cast including Mick Clarke on guitar and the wizardry of Bob Hall on keyboards.

Ignoring the better well known songs Lee opted to play some of his favourite numbers from the Ten Years After catalogue including a swinging ´I Want To Know´ and ´Don´t Want You Woman´ as well as a few originals from his fellow band mates. Lee also performed ´The Hobbit´ which displays his vericous drumming abilites. It seemed like Woodstock was only yesterday.

With a band this good, they could´ve played anything.

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